Welcome to the Frog Creek Brewing Wesbsite!

Summer by the Lake (Formerly Summer Wheat)
Belgian-Style Witbier; ABV: ~5.6% IBU: ~30 SRM: ~25
Our Summer Wheat is a great beer for those warm weather months. With it's citrus notes from lemon and orange it is a great beer to enjoy with some BBQ.

Chocolate Death Porter
Porter with Chocolate Infusion; ABV: ~8.0% IBU: ~30 SRM: ~105
Our Chocolate Porter is a fine example of a porter with a great chocolate taste. Lacking the chalkiness many variants have, it is like a dark choclate drink for adults. We use a pure cocoa infusion instead of chocolate malt, so you get the taste of chocolate without the bitter coffee taste.

Knock You Down CIder
Apple Cider; ABV: ~12.0% IBU: <10 SRM: ~40
Our Apple Cider is a pretty basic recipe; Cider from apples, apple sauce, brown sugar, some spices, and yeast. It comes out crisp and refreshing, but packs quite a punch.

Day on the Water IPA
Session IPA; ABV: ~3.8% IBU: ~45 SRM: ~35
This is an easy drinking session IPA for those hot days. You can drink these all day and not have to worry about getting worked over. Great for a day on the boat, at the beach, in the yard, or in the garage!

Beach Bum Ale
Session Ale; ABV: ~3.6% IBU: ~20 SRM: ~30
An easy drinking session ale with citrust notes and light floral hop flavors. This is the lighter, less hoppy cousin of Day on the Water IPA. Very similar taste profile, just not as bitter. A great companion to our Session IPA, makes any bbq complete.

River Raisin Tripel
Belgian-Styled Tripel; ABV: ~8.0% IBU: <10 SRM: ~60
This is our Belgian-style Tripel ale made with Belgian malt, and a strudy Belgian yeast that helps to bring out those flavors of raisins, dates, clove, and banana.